Tabriz (IP) - Handmade leather shoes from Tabriz, the capital of East Azarbaijan province, northwest of Iran, with a history of 5,500 years, enjoys a good status in Iran and even in the world.

 Iran PressIran News: Charmshahr town of Tabriz, Iran, holds 250 leather producing workshops to produce more than 90% of the high-quality leather consumed in Iran and also for export. Tabriz handmade shoes are very popular in Iran and other countries due to the use of high-quality leather and its type of sewing.

Annually, more than 80 million handmade leather shoes are produced in Tabriz, about 30% of which are exported to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Asian and European countries. The produced leathers are exported to China, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Italy, Spain, India, and Pakistan.

 Also, Tabriz's handmade leather shoes are registered in the list of national works of Iran and the global registration of this handicraft and goods of the world brand of Iran is being followed.

Branding is necessary for the development of tourism, and in this regard, Tabriz handmade leather shoes have a good capacity, because every tourist who travels to East Azarbaijan province goes to the big and covered market of this city to buy Tabriz hand-made leather shoes.


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