Kabul (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed the continued support for peace and security in Afghanistan.


Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with IranPress in Kabul on Tuesday night, Saeed Khatibzadeh said that for Iran, Afghanistan has always been a very high priority in regulating relations.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that in the past years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized the establishment of security in Afghanistan at the Bonn Summit and has always stressed and supported inter-Afghan talks.

He noted that Iran has made great efforts in establishing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and in setting up its civil bodies.

"Of course, we are skeptical and pessimistic about the intentions of the United States, and the Afghan authorities must be very careful, and I do not think anything good will come of the aggressor government of the United States in Afghanistan," Khatibzadeh said.

He also spoke about the ISIS rocket attack on the Afghan capital and the recent shooting at Kabul University and expressed that what happened at Kabul University was very painful and offended the Iranian nation.

Khatibzadeh stated that unfortunately, a vicious cycle of violence and terrorism has formed in the region, especially in Afghanistan, and the solution is to return to dialogue and wisdom, and the Afghan people deserve a more peaceful world.

Regarding the published report on the crime of the Australian military in Afghanistan, he stated that what was said is very painful and reminds Iran of Abu Ghraib.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the actions of the Australian military in Afghanistan were a violation of human rights and that those who claim human rights have done so.

Expressing hope that the Australian Government will take responsibility for this on the basis of the documents, he noted that the pain of the Afghan people is endless and Iran sympathizes with the Afghan nation.

The spokesman referred to the new US military movements in the region and said: "Of course, the US military presence in the West Asian region is nothing new, and unfortunately, due to the political inaccuracy of some countries in the region, the US has various bases in the region, but Washington knows exactly what Iran's red line is."

Regarding Pompeo's recent stance based on the entry of the US to the Afghan peace talks whenever needed, Khatibzadeh said: "The United States has been secretly negotiating with the Taliban, secretly reaching agreements, and then putting pressure on the Afghan government, which shows that the US cannot be considered neutral in peace talks."

About the importance and details of the strategic document between Iran and Afghanistan, he stated that the document is one of the most important documents in Iran-Afghanistan relations.

He emphasized that Iran's relations with Afghanistan are very broad, and talks on the strategic document in various dimensions have progressed very well and most of it has been agreed upon, and only one or two clauses need further negotiations, the signing of which will be announced soon.


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