Tehran (IP) - The Iranian solution for preserving the cornea of the eye with the name of 'Sinasol' was unveiled today at Labbafinezhad Hospital.

Iran PressIran News: At the unveiling ceremony of this solution on Sunday, Head of the Ophthalmology Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Mohammad-Ali Javadi announced: "With the efforts of researchers, we succeeded in producing the solution to preserve the cornea of the eye."

He noted that about 8,000 vials of eye preservative solution are needed annually in the country.

He announced the price of each foreign vial of this solution at $ 32 and said the Iranian solution is made in the country at a lower price.

Javadi stated that making this solution took 4 to 5 years and this great work has been achieved with the help of Sinadarou Labs Company.

Dr. Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi, Associate Professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, who is also the Specialized and Technical Manager of the Central Eye Bank of Iran announced that the solution, like its foreign sample, can keep the cornea at 2 to 8 degrees for up to 14 days.

She noted that the Iranian solution has no shortcomings in terms of quality from its foreign sample and at the same time it has been prepared at a lower price.

She added that the solution is used for the proper preservice of corneas donated to the eye bank.


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