Tehran (IP) -The Iraqi Minister of Trade said that the most important issue between Iran and Iraq focused on trade.

Iran Press/Iran News: Responding to Iran Press's question about the most important achievements of the Iran-Iraq talks in the Fourth Joint Economic Commission, Ala Ahmad Aljubori said that the documents signed by the two countries on border issues, transportation, customs tariffs, and investment between are important for both sides.

At the end of the fourth joint economic Commission between Iran and Iraq, the Iraqi Minister of Trade referred to the continuous interactions between Iranian and Iraqi officials over two days and stated that the purpose of this working group is to examine all capacities and consider the interests of the two countries.

He added that issues have created in Iraq in recent years, including the victory of the government and the army, the popular mobilization group and all military groups in Iraq over the ISIS terrorist group, as well as the issue of the coronavirus, which has affected the Iraqi economy.

The Iraqi Minister of trade highlighted that these issues led to the activation of the approach of independence from oil and reliance on international agreements, border capacities, and the strengthening of trade between countries in a way that benefits all nations.

Emphasizing that the outcome of the talks between the Iranian and Iraqi officials was successful, Ala Ahmad Aljubori noted that what is important is to organize the affairs in a way that strengthens the relations between the two countries, and in order to advance this, it is necessary to resolve the existing problems through interaction.

While appreciating the warm welcome of the Iranian officials to the Iraqi delegation, he thanked the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad for accompanying them from Baghdad to Tehran.


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