Tehran (IP) - Commander of Imam Hossein University said that the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini led to the spread of Islam to the world.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the "International Conference of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution: Martyr Soleimani School" Mohammadreza Hasani Ahangar stated that to accelerate the declaration of the second step of the Islamic Revolution and the authority of the Revolution, the following should be considered:

Denying arrogance and overcoming it with a strategic understanding,

Building the future using scientific knowledge,

Developing a model to negotiate its implementation using the country's capacities,

He underlined the designing, compiling, and implementing the second step of the Islamic Revolution and the development of the system of training efficient managers.

Hasani Ahangar highlighted that Imam Khomeini's humanizing school had led to taking big steps in the revolution and the power of deterrence against arrogance.

Pointing out that martyr Soleimani was trained in this school, he noted that martyr Soleimani had been able to influence the world by influencing arrogance and bringing power to the region.

He stressed that the arrogance and the terrorist group of ISIS were not dangerous, but the false image of Islam created by ISIS and its supporters in the world was dangerous, which Lt. Gen. Soleimani was able to fight against.


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