Tehran (IP) - Iranian President on the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution said the Iranian nation had defeated Trump with their patience and resistance.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivered a speech on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution's victory. 

Rouhani said: "This year, we are celebrating the '22nd of Bahman' as our nation wins a major economic war after three years of resistance."

President Rouhani stated: "We have been in an economic war for three years since 2018. In this war, we will win like the 8-year war in Iraq. All the people of the world owe a great debt to the Iranian nation these days." 

He added: "If the great nation of Iran had not stood against this tyrant of the White House and if the Iranian nation had not defeated former US President Donald Trump."

If we left JCPOA immediately, all sanctions would have been reinstated

He said: "If we had left JCPOA immediately after Trump's exit, all sanctions would have returned, and the Israeli-American conspiracy would have appeared on the pages of history. But the resistance of the Iranian people and the strategy of the government caused Trump to be shattered in these three years."

Hassan Rouhani stated: "Once again, in 2019 and several times in 2020, the defeat of the United States and the isolation of the US in the United Nations against Iran was unprecedented in the history of Iran and the world. Since then, on several occasions in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the people of Iran and the country's lawyers have won against the United States."

President Rouhani referred to the limitation due to observing the health protocols of coronavirus containment, saying: "The beginning of the forty-third year of Iran's Islamic Revolution is with a new color and smell. Due to the health protocols, the people who loved the revolution and Imam Khomeini could not come to the streets as they wanted and show their pure feelings. Of course, in another way and another form, this passionate presence is going on all over the country at the same time." 

Referring that we are on the verge of entering the 15th century AH, Rouhani said: "Important events were going on in the last hundred years, the beginning of that century was after the victory of the people in the Constitutional Revolution, and in this century, a more significant and more important revolution than the Constitutional Revolution, the Islamic Revolution, was witnessed by the people." 

Rouhani pointed out: ‌"In this hundred years, we had witnessed two world wars, a war before the beginning of the fourteenth century and a war in 1941, an action that had all the devastation and problems for the people, one lasted four years and one six years and millions of people perished, and many houses were destroyed, and many dreams were lost."

The Iranian nation achieved significant victories in Imposed War and Economic War

He added: "In recent years, the Iranian nation has witnessed two wars during the century. Eight years of imposed war in which aggressors affiliated with all powers and since 2018 to date, we are in an economic war for three years. We achieved a significant victory in that war, and in this war, we will achieve victory by the power of God."

Iran to fulfill commitments with full return of US to JCPOA

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran would fulfill its commitments under JCPOA only with the US's full return to the agreement.

Iranian Barakat, Razi, and Pasteur have received their clinical vaccine test licenses

Rouhani said: "The new US administration, which claims to want to confront the COVID-19 and help the nations in this regard, has not taken any action for the Iranian people, at least to date.

The President underscored: "But our nation was able to pass this way successfully. Today, we produce all the necessary equipment and effective drugs for this disease, and we even export some of our products."

Pointing to the coronavirus vaccine, he said the three major institutions, Barakat, Razi, and Pasteur, have received their clinical vaccine test licenses. "In the coming months, we will see that our people will use the home-made vaccine."

Iran's obligations' fulfillment confirmed 15 times by the IAEA

In another part of his speech, the President said: "Over time, since 2015, we have complied with all our obligations in the nuclear deal. In all these stages, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed in its reports the fulfillment of the obligations by Iran, and this issue has been confirmed 15 times by the IAEA report."

He added: "The IAEA report in 2018 and early 2019 also emphasized that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations, adding that the P4+1 countries had promised to fulfill their obligations despite the United States' withdrawal from the JCPOA. Still, they did not do so, and after a year of unilateral implementation of the commitments, we began to reduce the commitments step by step. For each stage, we gave the P4+1 countries two months to fulfill their obligations."

We have not withdrawn from the agreement to take the first step: President Rouhani

Emphasizing that today no one can expect Iran to take the first step, Rouhani said: "Iran has been unilaterally adhering to all its obligations for a whole year. Today, we announce that every hour that the P5+1 adheres to all the obligations of JCPOA, they must know that we will fulfill all our obligations in an hour. The fulfillment of our obligations is only if it is clear that the 6 countries in front of us fulfill all their obligations."

Noting which country should be the initiator, he said: "We have not withdrawn from the agreement to take the first step."

"We are ready to fulfill all our obligations the day when the United States returns to its full obligations," the President said, highlighting: "Iran has proved that if it signs something and accepts an obligation, it will adhere to its commitment with all its might. And this is one of our nation's honors throughout history, especially in the last 42 years. Wherever we made a commitment and signed a text and a document, we have fulfilled our obligations."

Every neighbor attacked by terrorism, we helped first

Referring to the situation in the region, Rouhani said: "Our region is very sensitive and influential. We believe that the sensitive region of the Middle East must enjoy security, peace, and stability. During these 42 years, we have sought help everywhere in the region, especially from our neighbors."

The President said: "Wherever terrorism was observed in our region, we stood up with the help of a nation that has been attacked by terrorists, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan have witnessed that."

We are still fighting terrorism in the region

The President added: "The one who fought against the terrorists and ISIS from the first day along with the Iraqi people and the army was the martyr Lt Gen Qasem Soleimani, who fought with his friend Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis against the ISIS terrorists and overthrew this terrorist group in Iraq, but the United States martyred them on the explicit order of Trump."

Rouhani noted: "We are still fighting terrorism in the region, and we still believe that we are against the interference and presence of foreigners in the region. The world must be free of violence and extremism."

The countries of the region must solve problems of the region

The President noted: "We believe that the solution to the problems of the region is in the hands of the people of the region, and in this regard, we proposed the Hormoz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) initiative. Iran is ready to sit down with all the countries in the region and its neighbors, especially the countries of the Persian Gulf, and resolve the issues and problems of the region."

In the last part of his speech, Rouhani emphasized: "The Islamic Republic declares loudly that it wants friendship with all countries that want friendship, and declares loudly that if the P5+1 fulfills its obligations, we will act accordingly. We declare that the countries of the region must solve the problems of the region."


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