Iraq (IP) - An Iraqi lawmaker warned over the foreign interventions in the country’s coming election and said the US intervention in the Iraq election endangers its' sanity

Iran PressMiddle East: The representative of al-Fath Alliance in the parliament Hadi al-Mousavi referred to the letter of Iraq’s Marjaiya to the Foreign Ministry on the coming election and warned that if the Security Council takes control of the Iraqi elections, Iraq will be plunged into the abyss of destruction.

The Iraqi government has sent a dangerous letter to the Security Council regarding the monitoring of the elections, al-Mousavi reported.

He also warned of the possible involvement of the so-called international coalition against ISIL in the elections by protecting observers.

In a meeting in late December chaired by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, attended by members of the Iraqi High Electoral Commission, the Iraqi government agreed to set October 10 as the date for early parliamentary elections.


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