Tehran (IP) - Chairman of the Foundation for Preservation of Sacred Defense Values said that cyberspace must be safe and clean, and Islamic Iran seeks to protect cyberspace, not restrict it.

Iran PressIran News: IRGC Brigadier General Bahman Kargar said that to introduce the Sacred Defense to the youth in cyberspace, techniques are required along with providing concise and useful content.

Speaking at the 2nd edition of national honoring Sacred Defense activists at cyberspace ceremony, the selected nominees of the first memorial Kargar said that Iran is equipped with advanced sciences in all areas. The enemies are seeking to limit Iran's weapons, but Sacred Defense has created opportunities not only in the military but also in the fields of culture, art, and science.

Cyberspace is a base for many businesses, even surgeries which perform online, so equipping ourselves in terms of content is necessary, but in terms of security issues, not only Iran but the world must operate with limitation, Chairman of the Foundation for Preservation of Sacred Defense Values underlined.

"In the past, there was a lot of concern on how to export the values of the Islamic Revolution, but this is done in cyberspace easily. If we do not use cyberspace properly, it becomes a threat," added Bahman Karegar.

"Imam Khomeini has turned the threat into an opportunity. Before the revolution, we were not even able to build a bridge. Still, now we are active in Iran, and all over the world, Chairman of the Foundation for Preservation of Sacred Defense Values," Bahman Karegar stated.

The honoring ceremony of 'Sacred Defense' activists at cyberspace was held at Sacred Defense Museum in Tehran on Tuesday,16th Feb 2021 via videoconferencing. Around 1153 products have been introduced at the 2nd edition of Sacred Defense in cyberspace across the country, and the winners were honored.

West Azarbaijan will host the 3rd round next year.


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