The Lebanese Hezbollah secretary-general said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has always been divine proof for all people of the world to know that by unity, perseverance, seriousness, and self-sacrifice, they can protect their religious, national, and human values, independence, sovereignty, dignity, freedom, and honor.

Iran PressMiddle East: In his televised speech commemorating Hezbullah’s slain leaders, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that Iran has not only faced sanctions and conspiracies but has become a major regional power today.

"42 years have passed since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and this nation, country, government, and system, during this period, faced wars, punishments, sanctions, conspiracies, and sieges, but they resisted and progressed beyond it in all fields. And they became a great regional power in a way that others can count on," he added.

Nasrallah stated that: "The experience of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 until today has always been a divine, rational and rational proof for all the people of the world to know that by being on the scene, unity, perseverance, seriousness, struggle, self-sacrifice, stability and perseverance, they can protect their ethnic, religious values, national and human values, independence, sovereignty, natural resources, facilities, dignity, freedom, honor, and dignity, and had a leading position in the region and the world."


Nasrallah rejects accusations linking Hezbollah to activist killing

Turning to the recent assassination of prominent anti-Hezbullah activist and researcher Lokman Slim, which some parties have blamed on Hezbullah, Nasrallah described the accusations as "frail and silly."

"Attempts to accuse Hezbollah of Lukman Slim’s killing is absurd, insults against us reflect weakness & depression," He stressed.

"Profanity and insults reflect the ethical and psychological content of those who launch them and they reflect weakness and impotence," he said.

Sayyed Nasrallah called on supporters not to respond to such insults, saying, "We must be disciplined and act in accordance with our values."

"Legally, one is innocent until proven guilty, except for Lebanon where Hezbollah is guilty until proven innocent."

He added that the allegations are a "systematic and premeditated campaign that is being orchestrated by black rooms."

"We have documents to prove this issue," he said.


Hezbollah calls for the results of the Beirut blast's investigation

Sayyed Nasrallah said, "We followed up with the LAF & ISF on the Beirut Port Blast investigation and urged them to announce results, they said details can’t be revealed on the matter...we are repeating our call for this and we insist on it. Announcing the results is important on the economic level, some insurance companies are cheating on people’s right of payments on the pretext of explosion cause."

Separately, Nasrallah said calls in Lebanon for a U.N. resolution under Chapter 7 should no government be formed are "condemned."

"Such talk is a call for war and chaos and let no one take this issue lightly," Nasrallah cautioned.

He explained that internationalization "harms Lebanon, complicates its issues and contradicts with sovereignty."

"It might be a cover for a new occupation and it can open the door wide to the naturalization scheme that is rejected by Palestinian refugees and the Lebanese people," he warned.

Noting that there is no problem in seeking the help of friendly countries, Nasrallah pointed out that internationalization "will not resolve our problems but will rather aggravate them."

"Proposing this idea is aimed at relying on foreign powers" to confront domestic parties, Nasrallah charged.

Nasrallah defended President Michel in connection with the row over the formation of the new government while criticizing PM-designate Saad Hariri’s "insistence" on the putting together of an 18-seat government.

Nasrallah stressed that suggestions linking the government's formation to Iran's nuclear file are "repetitive and of no value."

"I don't think that anyone wants the government not to be formed, it is in everyone's interest to see this thing happen, and it is unacceptable to await the foreign powers," Nasrallah added.

"Holding only the President responsible is unfair," he said.

"Previous accusations of no desire to form a government are baseless, everyone wants to form the government, we must not wait for foreign intervention. Over 15 years, Hezbollah-The Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) understanding endured despite all expectations it might collapse, both parts benefited from it equally."


"Beware of US, Israel electronic armies"

The US, ‘Israel’ has electronic armies on social media platforms that are initiating political, sectarian clashes among Lebanese, we must beware of this. These virtual clashes might exert pressure on people, resulting in domestic strife.

Concerning the Palestinian cause, Nasrallah said: "No one is tackling the Deal of the Century now, US Secretary of State’s recent statements are indicators the deal is over."

Addressing the Zionist entity, Nasrallah said: "If you attack our towns and civilians, we’ll attack yours. You are an army state, so there’s no distinction between Israeli soldiers and civilians."


"Some statesmen don’t represent the 1.5 billion Arabs"

He then referred to the normalization of relations between some Arab regimes in the region and Israel and said, "Arab individuals who’re boasting of their ‘Israel’ visits don’t represent the 1.5 billion Arabs and Muslims, those have even admitted of being paid to make the visits."

"Israeli regime is exaggerating the issue of normalization for political benefits, we see opposition in some Arab countries against their governments’ normalization with ‘Israel’," he added.

Nasrallah also told ‘Israel’: "Stop playing with fire. We are in the Resistance era."

He warned Israel against any possible adventure or war, saying: "Any talks of an upcoming war is dangerous and would lead to undesirable consequences Israelis haven’t witness since 1948."