Tehran (IP) - Chief of Staff of Iran's President announced that the country would launch the Russian corona vaccine production line.

Iran PressIran News:  "Mahmoud Vaezi," Iran's presidential chief of staff, on Friday, referring to the purchase of corona vaccine from Russia and the coordination of the two countries for joint production of corona vaccine in Iran, added: Russian vaccine to be launched in Iran.

Referring to the efforts to produce the Iranian Corona vaccine, Vaezi said: "The Pasteur vaccine has gone through good stages and in Cuba, with the same vaccine, they have started their general vaccination, and the production line of this vaccine is to be established in Iran."

Iran's presidential chief of staff also announced the purchase of 250,000 doses of Chinese vaccine and its import to Iran. It said: "Also, Iran has an agreement with India to receive Indian vaccine, which is being manufactured in several other countries such as Sweden."


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