Tehran (IP): "Iran’s sky is safe for all airlines, and there is no danger," the head of the Iranian Aviation Organization told Iran Press.

Iran PressIran News: Regarding the decrease in flights over Iran’s sky after the Ukrainian plane's crash, Captain Touraj Dehqani Zanganeh said told Iran Press in an interview, these flights had increased again, and the Iranian sky is a safe route."

Captain Dehqani further referred to the flights from Iran to other European and Asian countries before the last wave of the coronavirus and said that flights to Turkey, Iraq, Vienna, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hamburg are now available.

The Iranian official added that coronavirus health protocols are observed on flights above 95% by close monitoring.

Referring to the Ukraine plane crash outside Tehran, he said Iran had sent full reports to the four countries involved in the case and had 60 days to respond. 3 countries have sent their answers until now, and we are waiting for the fourth one, and there are still six days left.


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