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Morasa' in the Persian Language means bejeweled or decorated with jewelry; So, Morasa'-Polo is a kind of cooked rice that is beautifully decorated and at the same time has a very good taste.

Morasa' polo is a traditional Persian rice dish. This jeweled rice dish is prepared with rice, butter, olive oil, tahdig (the crunchy golden bottom rice layer), liquid saffron, dried barberries, orange peel, almonds, pistachios, carrots, onions, sugar, and raisins.

Traditionally, each ingredient is sautéed separately and caramelized with sugar. When served, morasa' polo is placed on a serving platter, then garnished with pomegranate seeds and drizzled with melted butter or ghee and rose water. The dish is especially popular at Persian festivals such as Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and weddings.


1 pcs full chicken

Two onion

1.3 tbsp saffron

0.5 cup walnuts

1-2 cups Pistachio peeled, julienned

0.5 cup walnuts

0.3 cup orange or tangerine

1 cup raisin

1 cup barberry

0.5 cup turmeric

To the extent necessary salt

If needed sugar


1. Rinse first and soak for a few hours with a little salt and water.

2. Then prepare the ingredients (chicken, orange slices, barberry, and raisins) used to make rice.

3. To do this, it is necessary to soak the barberry and raisins separately in cold water for 2 hours, so that if there are flowers or pebbles, then leave the chicken divided into four parts, along with some salt, turmeric, and one onion and a little water to make whole chicken meat cooked.

4. Remove cooked chicken from the bones and cut into smaller pieces.

5. Also, if you have sweet orange or tangerine, you do not need to sweeten it, otherwise, you should soak the slices several times in water and drain the water, and then bring water to boil and then drain it.

6. Do this 3 times until the bitterness of the orange slices completely disappears.

7. After slice sweating, stir-up them in hot oil on a gentle heat for up to one or two stirrings.

8. Finally pour a tablespoon of sugar and mix well and, when the slices are homogeneous, remove it from the heat so the sugar will be melt in the heat.

9. Barberry and raisins are taken out of the water after being well soaked.

10. We stir-up the onions with oil and when the onions get golden, pour barberry in it and stir-up a little so that the barberry is not burnt.

11. If the barberries are tart, you can add one 2 tablespoons of sugar to it and make it sweet.

12. Also, stir-up half of the other onions with a little oil, and after the onions get golden, stir-up some raisins and prepare them.

13. After preparing the decorating materials for Polow, rinse the rice that has already been soaked and steam it.

14. Mix the cooked chicken with barberry and raisins and mix the rice with half a chelow and mix some rice with steamed saffron and mix it with the slices on the rice.

15. In the end, you can heat some oil and draw on rice.


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Jewelled Rice (Morasa
Jewelled Rice (Morasa