Tehran (IP) - The CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company announced a 100% growth in Iranian gas exports.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Montazer-Torbati, CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company, said: "Gas exports have grown by 100% from 9 billion cubic meters in 2012 to 18 billion cubic meters this year."

The CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company, noting that the contracts for the export of Iranian gas to Turkey and Iraq are underway as the main contracts, added: "Exports to the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia also continue."

Torbati also said: "In addition to the Turkish route, there is an Islamic pipeline from Iraq and Syria and even exports through the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, the strongest idea is to export Iranian gas to Europe from Turkey, and this route is a priority."

According to Torbati, importing gas from Iran is an advantage for Europe.

Pointing out that Iran is the second-largest gas storage holder globally, Torbati stressed: "Europe can look at Iran as a stable and reliable supplier of gas."


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