Islamic Revolution; A turning point in history of Iran

IRAN (IP)- On February 11, 1979, the Islamic revolution of the Iranian people led by Imam Khomeini reached its turning point and finally the struggles of the Muslim people came to an end and the 2,500-year-old kingdom and the tyranny of the Pahlavi regime for more than 50 years in Iran was eradicated and the Islamic Republic of Iran was established.

A slap on face of Israeli cabinet

Tehran (IP) - Just one day after the Zionist crime against the Palestinians in Jenin, a Palestinian youth carried out a heroic operation in occupied Al-Quds, which resulted in the death of 10 Zionists.

Foreign Affairs: Age of US sanctions may soon be over

Foreign Affairs Magazine says the countries targeted by the US sanctions have taken defensive economic measures such as currency swap agreements as alternatives to SWIFT, and digital currencies, which would neutralize Washington’s favored diplomatic weapon.

End of Qatar World Cup and its non-sports aspects

Tehran (IP) - Qatar 2022 World Cup ended with the championship of the Argentina national team, but this cup should not be viewed only from an athletic perspective, and the political, cultural and social dimensions of the World Cup were also very important.

A look at Iran-China cooperation summit

Commentary (IP) - Iran and China comprehensive cooperation summit kicked off on Tuesday with the participation of high-ranking officials of the two sides in Tehran on Tuesday.