A Russian military report said Western intelligence agencies are actively spreading lies and disinformation about Russian President and people closely associated with him.

Iran Press/Europe: Russia's military intelligence agency has issued a report, saying the main aim of the campaign organized by CIA,  MI6, and other Western intelligence agencies is to discredit those individuals who are close to Vladimir Putin.

Russian military officials are saying the campaign of lies and disinformation will be used by the US president Donald Trump's Administration to impose fresh sanctions on Moscow, Iran Press reported.

According to the report, after the lies and disinformation have been made, a serious of non-governmental organisations, apparently with no link to the US government, but in reality in close cooperation with the US State Department, will disseminate the  fake news and lies through US media outlets controlled by American Billionaires such as "George Soros" and "William Browder".

The report warned that the disinformation campaign should be considered as direct meddling in Russia's internal affairs with the aim of weakening the Russian economy, and destabilizing the country.

Russia-US relations have suffered a series of setbacks during the presidency of Donald Trump, with much attention being given in the US to Trump's relationship with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.


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