The meeting of the Joint Commission on the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal will be held on Sunday in Vienna, Austria.

Iran Press/Europe: The Permanent Representative of Russia to the International Organizations in Vienna and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mikhail Ulyanov announced that the JCPOA joint commission meeting will be held on Sunday at political directors' level in Vienna, Austria.

According to Iran Press, Ulyanov who announced the meeting through his Twitter account gave no more details about the meeting.

Ulyanov has said in another Twitter message that US officials are insisting on the prohibition of uranium enrichment for Iran and wrote: "Under its article 4 of the NPT treaty, uranium enrichment is the right of all treaty's members, but it seems that the US has forgotten it."

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also said last week that the meeting of the JCPOA joint commission will be held in late July in Vienna. 101/211/207

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