The top commander of the Iranian navy heading a high-ranking military delegation, arrived in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday night, emphasizing that cooperation between Tehran and Moscow will lead to good results.

Iran Press/Europe: A number of senior Russian military officials welcomed Rear Admiral Khanzadi on his arrival at St. Petersburg.

During his three-day stay in Russia, the Rear Admiral is due to attend the Russian Navy Day ceremony on Sunday (today), and he will also discuss a range of issues with senior military officers including the top commander of the Russian Navy, reported Iran press.

On his arrival in St. Petersburg, Rear Admiral Khanzadi said he is visiting Russia on an invitation from his Russian counterpart, and that he is hopeful about signing a number of cooperation agreements between the Iranian and Russian Navies.

Commenting further Rear Admiral Khanzadi said: "Russia is our powerful neighbor, with the ability to influence regional and world equations. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also a powerful country in the West Asia region, and cooperation between Iranian and Russian Navies will certainly lead to security on the High Seas, and better collective security within the region."

The top commander of the Iranian Navy added: "Today, some countries are trying to make the northern Indian Ocean, the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf unsafe [for shipping], but the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and various other regional countries, have ensured that the waters of this region are the safest in the world for commercial shipping. This security is the direct result of agreements between regional countries."


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