The US government has canceled three wall-building projects on the southern border with Mexico because of insufficient funding.

Iran PressAmerica: Donald Trump's administration reportedly scrapped three border wall projects it was looking to build after determining there weren’t enough funds to pay for them.

In a court filing, officials said current savings didn’t amount to enough to pay for the additional 20 miles of the USMexico border wall in Arizona and California, Bloomberg reported.

The filing comes as lawmakers are preparing to ignoreTrump’s request to loosen restrictions on border wall funding as part of a short-term spending deal and amid renewed tensions over the border ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline to avoid another government shutdown.

The administration also announced recently it was moving forward with shifting $3.6 billion from military projects to wall construction.

The announcement follows a Supreme Court ruling in July that the Trump administration could start using $2.5 billion in military funds to build its wall on the southern border, handing a major legal victory to the president. 

US President, Donald Trump has pledged $5.8 billion to build a border wall, one of his election pledges, which was opposed by Democrats.  

Trump and congressional divisions to approve the budget for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border have led to the closure of portions of the US federal government from December 22, 2018, through Friday, January 25, 2019.

Trump finally ordered the Pentagon to build the wall from its military budget to fulfill its demands by declaring a national emergency.


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