Tehran (IP) - Iran's vice president for science and technology said that all drone parts are manufactured domestically.

Iran Press/Iran News"We have good advantages in the area of drone manufacturing, and the products are at the global level in many fields," Sorena Sattari said on the sideline of the technological gathering of industries, knowledge-based companies, and startups in the field of drone products and services.

He went on to say that "Extraordinary technologies have developed in the civilian sector of drones. Now, drones are widely used for monitoring by the country's different sectors like the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and National Cartographic Center. For example, pesticide-spraying can be done by drones at much lower costs," Iran Press reported. 

"We are now seeing successful examples of the use of drones, and government ministries and the private sector should use the technology more," the vice president for science and technology said.

He further highlighted that over 97% of the companies that participated in the exhibition were from the private sector and all of their products were manufactured domestically, especially in the design sector.

"Drones are manufactured in different domains with various tonnages and different continuity of flights which leads to the creation of tremendous potential, and this is one of the areas of innovation," he added.

He also noted that drones are unrecognizable which can be a threat to any military system, adding that: "About five years ago, in a workgroup of the scientific department we managed to obtain drone permits from the military."

"Our serious discussion at the exhibition is how this well-developed technology can be used in the civilian sector. There is a traditional belief in the civilian sector that we have to break, and this breakthrough will not happen unless we can deliver products that can provide services at a lower price and in a short time," he concluded. 101/104/218

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