The process of scaling down Iran's commitments under the 2015nuclear deal will continue as long as Europe does not honor their commitments to the agreement, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs said.

 Iran Press/Asia: In a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Moscow on Thursday, Abbas Araghchi pointed to the French plan and President Hassan Rouhani's talks in New York, saying Iran always welcomes any idea and initiative for the peaceful resolution of the existing deadlock.

Araghchi argued that such initiatives would only be accepted if they were balanced, realistic and meet Iran's interests in the nuclear agreement.

The high ranking official also criticized US unilateral policies and Europe's inability to fulfill its commitments after the US withdraws from the agreement, saying, "If Iran's demands do not materialize, the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to reduce its obligations under Article 36 of the agreement."

Araghchi went on to say that no one should doubt the Islamic Republic's will reduce its commitments.

Top diplomat, meanwhile, stressed that the path to diplomacy is still open but is getting thinner and harder every day, and if the remaining countries in the agreement are serious about preserving it, they should know that time is running out.

Russia supports the agreement as a major multilateral achievement and will work to maintain it, Sergei Ryabkov said, insisting that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Iran and Russia's top negotiators have been in constant talks in Tehran and Moscow since the beginning of the nuclear talks.


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