Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation holds celebrations of Russian Cultural Days in two cities of Tehran and Qazvin.

Iran Press/Iran news: The opening ceremony of the Russian Cultural Days in Iran took place on Saturday, November 9, with Russian art performances, it will continue with art exhibitions and performances of Russian music in Tehran and Qazvin until November 14. 

According to the Public Relations Dept. of ICRO, the two cities of Tehran and Qazvin host cultural officials of the two countries, ambassadors and foreign diplomats residing in Iran from Nov. 9-14, Iran Press reported.

The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Abu Azar EbrahimiTurkman spoke about the importance of art and its role in conveying concepts. and stated that "All the things you will see today and at the event are subjects that the word cannot convey, and the artist takes refuge in music and poetry to convey those meanings."

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Pavel Stepanov, said Relations between Iran and Russia have been expanding in recent years, and direct links have been established between activists in the field. Last year's celebration of Iran's days in Russia was also welcomed and the Russian people became acquainted with Iran's unique culture. 

He stated now, with Russian cultural days in Iran, I hope that the Iranian people get acquainted with the rich Russian culture. In general, in our country, the emphasis is put on cultural relations between Iran and Russia, and accordingly, these programs will continue on a continuous basis. 

Groups of Russian cultural figures and officials will carry out various programs during the six-day cultural festival, which will be organized at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex and Qazvin’s cultural centers.

An exhibition of Russian traditional artworks will also be held at the Niavaran Cultural-Historical Complex.

The Russian cultural delegation is also scheduled to visit a number of Iranian cultural centers and museums and to hold meetings with a number of Iranian cultural figures and officials as well during their stay in Iran.


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