The Russian ambassador to Iran in an interview with Press TV stated that the US should leave Syria and Russia supports Iran's nuclear program.

Iran PressIran news: Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan stated in an interview with Press TV that Moscow was under US pressure to do not implement the second phase of Bushehr power plant. However, Russia is an independent State and implement its own independent foreign policy regarding cooperation with other countries. He said that Iran is a strategic and very important partner for Russia.

Referring to the Syria issue, the Russian Ambassador to Iran said that only Iran and Russia have the right to be in Syria, because Damascus's legitimate government has invited these countries to help Syria overcoming ISIS and terrorist groups destabilizing Syria and its integrity. 

He further noted to the issue of Kurds in Syria and stated that they made a mistake to rely on the US and instead they should talk with the legitimate government in Damascus to address their demands and needs and maintaining the Syrian integrity at the same time with other ethnicities for peaceful coexistence. 

He reiterated that Russia will do its utmost to prevent the Iranian nuclear case from being sent to the Security Council.


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