Tehran (IP) - The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, Naser Abousharif to Iran said that for 40 years Iran has been moving in Islam path with its stance clear on Palestine's issue.

 Iran Press/Iran News: Naser Abousharif who joined the side-line meeting of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference stated those who are creating division among Muslims are not of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Ummah.

He noted that Islam would be realized via unity, and stressed that groups and organizations of Islamic Ummah must work within a unique framework and follow a unique Marja.

The Palestinian official stressed that the Shia-Sunni division must be avoided and all people must practice resistance against the arrogant enemy, noting that the resistance must not be confined to just Shias and Sunnis.

He stated that from the Sunni point of view, a leader must be wise, alerted, logical and just, pointing to the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Alli Khamenei.

The Commissions and sessions of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference were held at the Parsian Azadi Hotel of Tehran on Friday.205/204

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