Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said his government is determined to boost manufacturing and production and foil enemy plots through negotiations.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking in a cabinet session on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said that "The government is determined to boost manufacturing and production and foil the plots of the enemies through negotiations,” adding that the government will not cross the red lines of the state in this regard.

He also went on to emphasize that the United States’ conspiracies against Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and other regional countries will be defeated, Iran Press reported citing president.ir.

"Without a doubt, the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran can stand up to their conspiracies and the Iranian nation will be pioneers in this move, as they have been up to now,” the President added. 

“The way to overcome problems is to obey the law, and abide by ethics, public vitality, national unity, and solidarity,” continued Rouhani.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said, “Improving the National Information Network does not mean cutting off the Internet.”

Rouhani added, "We want people to have access to a powerful national information network alongside foreign internet.”

He said, "In the current special regional and global situation, I urge all organs and media and newspapers to inform people of the realities.”

Rouhani also noted, "Fuel consumption has decreased 20 million litres after implementing the petrol price reform.”

He also went on to state, "Next year, around 400 trillion Toumans will be invested in the country’s development and prosperity.”

The President continued, "Ministries of ‘Industry, Mines and Trade,’ and ‘Justice’ should work with price oversight organisation (known as Tazirat) to prevent people suffering from a rise in prices.”

The President continued, "Old methods of combatting corruption must be reformed by adopting new scientific and technological methods.”  101/211

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