A prominent Austrian composer and soundtrack expert, Eric Spitzer, who is a guest of the Cinema Verite Film Festival, donated his old analog recorder to the Iranian Cinema Museum.

Iran Press/Iran news: Director of Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center Mohammad Hamidi Moqaddam, Deputy Director of Documentary and Experimental Cinema Morteza Razzaq Karimi, Cultural Advisor at the Austrian Embassy in Tehran, Ahmad Zabeti Jahromian, Mohammad Tahamizadeh, Mohammad Delpak, foreign guests from Austria, Romania, Japan, Korea, Poland, Belgium, and Morocco visited the Iranian Cinema Museum.

We are witnessing a very good cultural event in today's turbulent world, said Hamidi Moqaddam, secretary of the International Cinema Verite Film Festival. "The symbolic work that inspired Eric Spitzer is a very important thing in the documentary cinema family."

He said it is the second time that Eric Spitzer is taking part in Cinema Verite Film Festival.

"Last year he had great workshops for young people in the specialized field. His work today is much valuable for those with cinematic nostalgia, especially for the ancient times of the analog age. That is, the importance that this device has had in the academy's educational system over the past decades has in fact given it a distinctive feature in cinema."

Hamidi Moqaddam added, "We are pleased to see Eric Spitzer donate to the Iranian Cinema Museum and are honored to receive this award at the Cinema Museum, which is a treasure trove of its own, and a world-class prize that has been for over 40 years."

Spitzer then unveiled the audio recorder and said that his device still works, an important feature is the ability to easily open and close, and the only device that can be repaired simultaneously with the record.

"I used this machine a lot in production," he said.


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