Iran's Minister of Energy stressed boosting the resilience of the country as the main mission of development contractors.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech in the 13th meeting of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter managers, Iran's Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian said the mission covers people, environment, industrial infrastructure, and service providing, all of which form the nations living standards.

The minister of energy referred to Resistance Economy and Statement of the Second Step of Islamic Revolution issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, stressing that the two categories must be gone beyond to address inter-sectional connections in industries to lead to their synergistic performance and the realization of the Resistance Economy and Statement of the Second Step of Islamic Revolution.

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He noted that Iran has been exposed to all kinds of attacks, explain that the arrogant powers covet the country's resources, especially human resource.

The enemies think that they can disarm a country by poaching its human resources through brain drain, for example; however, if the human resource would be kept self-reliant, it supplies the needs of the nation as well as the regional countries, ousting the aliens from the region. 

Reza Ardakanian said that achieving the three goals is the very promotion of the country's resilience which must be operationalized in different areas including water and power sectors.

Iran's Energy Minister appreciated the successful record of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters, stressing the correction of consumption model which must be addressed under the rubric of sustainability and construction.

He said that investing in consumption management on power and water and called it the best practice for basic treatment of wasteful consumption and economic dependence.

Iranian Minister stressed the simultaneous management of supply and demand and noted that the ministry of energy is expected to engage the issue which is a hardware area.

Ardakanian explained that Iran is a country capable of exchanging energy with all of its neighbors, remarking that the country enjoys the highest potentials for hydropower plants, acting as an energy hub in the region and play a key role in transferring energy in western Asia. 207/219

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