One person was killed and dozens were injured in an explosion in an apartment block in Germany on Friday, police said.

Iran Press/Europe: German police in the town of Blankenburg have said that at least 25 people were injured and at least one person has died.

The apartment building where the blast occurred and a nearby kindergarten were evacuated, local authorities told German media on Friday.

According to Reuters, police spokesman Uwe Becker said: "We cannot disregard that there may be more victims at the scene in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt. There was no initial indication of what had caused the explosion in the town of 20,000 residents."

The incident took place just before 9 a.m. local time. Rescue services were at the location on Bertolt-Brecht Strasse as firefighters began evacuating the building and looking for more victims. A nearby kindergarten was also evacuated, and police said none of the children were hurt.

Several of the victims were described as "severely injured" and rescuers are still looking for one missing person.

Residents, including children at a nearby kindergarten, were evacuated, and the area where the explosion occurred was sealed off, police said. None of the children were hurt, police tweeted.


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