President Hassan Rouhani underlined that Palestine is one of the chronic wounds of the Muslim World that needs to be taken seriously, saying that it is impossible to solve the problems of the Muslim world without solidarity and cooperation among Muslim countries.

Iran PressAsia: Iranian president, who is in Malaysia to attend the Kuala Lumpur summit, met with Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah on Wednesday, praising the Malaysian prime minister's timely action to hold the Kuala Lumpur conference to address the most important issues of the Muslim world. 

He referred to the three issues of Palestine, the interference of major powers in Muslim domestic affairs, and the need for scientific and economic advancement as significant issues of the Muslim world, Iran Press reported. 

Rouhani emphasized that it is not possible to solve these problems without cooperation and solidarity among the Islamic countries.

Sultan Abdullah for his part praised Rouhani for attending the Kuala Lumpur summit, highlighting that his presence is important in promoting the summit and wished the summit to be a blessing to the Islamic Ummah.

The two sides also discussed bilateral relations between Iran and Malaysia, emphasizing the necessity of expanding these relations especially in the economic, cultural and public spheres.

The King of Malaysia also termed the presence of Iranian students in the country as a strength of the two countries' relations and emphasized the Malaysian government's efforts to provide them with favorable living and education conditions.


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