The Malaysian Prime Minister said that the Muslim world is entangled in endless wars and has suffered for a long time from local corruption, incompetent leaders and bad administrators.

Iran PressAsia: In a message which was published on the official website of the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammad, stressed that Muslim weakness and their lack of unity has lent some credence to anti-Muslim misinformation and propaganda by the West.

"We have always said that Islamic civilization has been a rich and powerful civilization. This is a glorious chapter in our history, and we long for a return to those halcyon days. However, if we don't try hard enough for a return of the Islamic civilization, and a powerful Islamic bloc in the world, then our wishes would remain just that -- a wish," Mahathir Mohammad added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mohammad said: "If we want a powerful Islamic bloc in the world, we must take action and undertake practical steps."

Mahathir Mohammad's press office released a statement on Tuesday saying Muslim Leaders will discuss various issues at the Kuala Lumpur Summit, including ways of helping Muslims who are being suppressed, and the plight of Muslim refugees who have fled to non-Muslim countries because of war and bloodshed in their homeland.


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