Russian President Vladimir Putin in the ceremony of receiving credentials of Kazem Jalai newly appointed Iran's ambassador to Russia said that the two countries are key powerful players in the campaign against global terrorism, stressing cooperation in the anti-terror fight continues.

Iran Press/Europe: According to Iran Press, Putin remarked during a ceremony where he received the credentials of new foreign ambassadors, including the newly appointed Iranian ambassador, Kazem Jalali, in Moscow on Wednesday 5 February.

He lauded Iran-Russia relations as friendly and based on mutual respect, and called for reinforcement of ties between the two sides in all areas.

Iran and Russia cooperate with each other in important joint ventures, particularly in the field of peaceful nuclear technology, railway and economic projects, Putin said.

Both have been helping the Syrian government in the fight against terrorism at the request of Damascus. 

In his remarks, the Russian president voiced his country’s determination to keep alive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers and called on “all the remaining parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA to live up to their commitments to safeguard the landmark international agreement.”

“The Iran nuclear deal is important for the preservation of regional and global stability and we make efforts to keep the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” he added.

Putin also said that Tehran and Moscow played an influential role in the Astana process aimed at resolving Syria's conflict.  


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