Russia has delivered medicine to China for fighting against coronavirus, and the Chinese are currently testing it in their country, the Russian deputy health minister said.

Iran Press/Europe: Speaking to reporters, Sergey Kryvoy said: "This drug is called Triazavirine and has been developed for patients infected with the coronavirus."

"Our specialists are still trying to find a vaccine for this dangerous disease, but we have not been able to get it so far," he added.

Russia, which has restricted crossings along its 4,300 km (2,670-mile) land border with China, last week reported its first two cases of coronavirus, both in Siberia and both involving Chinese nationals, Moscow times reported.

The global death toll from the outbreak has risen to nearly 500, all but two in mainland China, and infections to close to 25,000.

The World Health Organization( WHO) has warned that closing borders could even accelerate the spread of the Coronavirus if travelers enter countries unofficially.

The WHO instead recommends introducing screening at border crossings.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has praised China for its commitment to fighting the Coronavirus, stressing that the only way to defeat it was for all countries to work together "in a spirit of co-operation".

Last week, the WHO declared a global state of health emergency and urged the international community to help China develop vaccines and medical drugs to fight the Coronavirus.

Many countries have offered their help and support to Beijing with the notable exception of the United States. The comment by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross seems to sum up very nicely America's opportunistic and less-than-friendly approach towards China.


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