Tehran (IP)- In a letter to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, the 11th Parliament lawmakers pledged to use the legislative, supervisory and expert capacities to realize the slogan of the new Iranian year ‘Surge in Production’ named by the Leader.

Iran Press /Iran News: The 182 elected members of Iran’s 11th Parliament declared their readiness to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for the realization of production surge in the Iranian year 1399 started on March 21.

The signatories of the letter assured that they will use all the parliamentary expertise to eliminate the crippling defects in the national economy.

They pledged to make their utmost of the researches as well as the supervisory and legislative potential of the parliament to reduce the obstacles of production, decrease the non-productive activities, and lead cash-flow to production.

The elected lawmakers also pledged to consider the budget reform line for approving the budget bill, away from political and regional considerations.


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