Yemen's Ministry of Human Rights condemned the Saudi targeting of quarantine centers to combat the coronavirus in Afar, Al-Baidha governorate.

Iran PressMiddle East: The ministry in a statement said that the aggression’s targeting of the quarantine centers is aimed at obstructing and hindering the precautionary measures carried out by the National Salvation Government for the citizens, providing possible health protection to prevent the entry of the coronavirus into the country.

It emphasized that the aggression warplanes’ targeting of quarantine centers in Afar is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law, Yemeni Almasirah reported.

Yemen's Higher Committee for Combating Epidemics said in a statement that aerial aggression launched a raid near the quarantine center at Al-Mahjabah School in Afar of Al-Baidha province and another raid near the quarantine of locomotive drivers’ area near Afar.

The statement pointed out that the coalition warplanes had previously launched raids near the quarantine in Al-Salif of Hodeidah province is part of the coalition’s plans to introduce the virus to Yemen.

The Ministry of Human Rights called on international organizations operating in Yemen to fulfill their duty towards the irresponsible behavior of the Saudi-Emirati Aggression against the Yemenis with the aim of spreading the epidemic.

It warned against using the coronavirus, as a war card and new aggression against the Yemeni people and residents of Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Ministry stressed that "the battle against the corona epidemic is the responsibility of all", stressing the need for international organizations to move based on the right to live for people in every part of the earth without discrimination.


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