Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Defense said that the illegal and aggressive presence of the Americans caused insecurity in the Persian Gulf, they create problems for the people of the region with threats and sanctions.

Iran PressIran News: Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Friday17 April, on the sideline of the "Parade of Service" held on the occasion of the Army Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran in an exclusive interview with Iran Press regarding the Americans' claim that the Iranian Armed Forces recently clashed with the United States in the Persian Gulf noted: "What causes insecurity in the Persian Gulf is, in fact, the illegal and aggressive presence of the Americans, who have been present on the Iranian borders and make these unwarranted claims."

"Iran considers itself responsible for providing security in the Persian Gulf region, and the countries in the region are responsible for ensuring that, God willing, they have established this security together," the minister stated.

He added, "The Iranian people have a vision and see who is rightful; we are at home and they have come from the other side of the world to create problems for the countries of the region by threatening and sanctioning."


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