Tehran (IP)- The head of Executive Headquarters of Imam's Directive Mohammad Mokhber told Iran press correspondent that the anti-COVID-19 measures include helping those who have lost their jobs as well as realizing the motto of the year which is a surge in production.

Iran Press/Iran news: The head of  Executive Headquarters of Imam's Directive Mohammad Mokhber in an exclusive interview with Iran Press explained the different activities and measures taken by the organization as part of the anti-COVID-19 campaign.

Mokhber elaborated that the activities were organized around several pivots including providing the medicine that was not available in the country together with the rather rapid manufacture of significant medicines.

He added to say that the activities also include providing and manufacturing the medical equipment like masks and sanitizers, ventilators, COVID-19 test kits, and gowns with dedicating the production line of 4 factories to manufacture the needed items while cooperating with the Iranian knowledge-based companies

However, the head of Executive Headquarters of Imam's Directive stressed that the most important part of the program was about establishing the greatest factory in West Asia with a capacity of manufacturing 4 million masks, only in the 23 days.

According to Mokhber the other anti-COVID-19 measures include vaccine manufacturing process together treatments including with cell and Plasma Therapy together with telemedicine including 4030 call centers to meet people’s needs.

Elsewhere Mokhber highlighted that despite all of the aforementioned activities, the most important topic which addresses the anti-COVID-19 campaign and the motto of the Year which is the surge in production is activities that have been designed for helping those whose lives have been affected by COVID-19 outbreak and has led to their unemployment.

According to Iran’s top official, the program has included the distribution of one million food packages together with 1 million healthcare packers to be done within a week.

Another part of the program involves some 60000 jobs creating plans to help the COVID-19 job losers.

The program according to Mokhber has led to the creation of some 180,000 jobs in Iran.

The head of  Executive Headquarters of Imam's Directive's remarks came as, the operation of 120,000 jobs by the Barakat Foundation was held in Tehran, by Iran Leader's Chief of Staff Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani and  Mohammad Mokhber himself in attendance.


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