The UAE-backed South Yemeni Transitional Council disputed with the Saudi regime and declared autonomy in the southern provinces of Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: With the South Transitional Council’s dispute with the resigned government of the Yemeni fugitive president Mansour Hadi got intensified, the council declared autonomy in Adan as well as other Yemeni southern provinces, noting an emergency state would be enforced as of Saturday night. 

The Foreign Ministry of the resigned Yemeni government, backed by Saudi Arabia, the move by the Council as an armed rebel and a complete withdrawal from the Riyadh Agreement.

The "Riyadh Agreement" signed on October 5 in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh reached between the Saudi regime and the United Arab Emirates to share power in Aden and end the conflict between their proxies in southern Yemen, which was signed on October 5.

Since the Saudi and Emirati forces took control over the southern cities and provinces of Yemen, the security situation in the areas has deteriorated sharply.


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