Anbar Olum (IP) - In the season of wheat growing, crop dusting is on the agenda to produce more high-quality products.

Iran PressIran News: Anbar Olum is a city in Golestan Province Northern Iran with the people who are mostly engaged in agricultural activities as their jobs including growing wheat.

The city of Anbar Olum in the north of Golestan province, with its exemplary agriculture and abundant wheat fields, has an important role in the economic development of the northern province.

Simultaneously with the growing season of wheat, its handling and crop dusting is on the agenda to produce more quality products.

The sample wheat farm is located in the area of Anbar Olum city and the average harvest per hectare is 4 tons. Every year, more than 40 hectares of farms in the area are planted with wheat.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Iran, for a second time in a year, has increased the minimum support price for the purchase of wheat from the Iranian farmers this season by 50 percent to reach 2.5 million rials (nearly $14) per 100 kg.

The country has managed to maintain a satisfying level of self-sufficiency in the production of wheat and several other key strategic crops over the past years and expects at least 15 percent more wheat production this year at 14 million metric tons.


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