Khoy (IP) - Following the outbreak of coronavirus in the region, the value of exports from the Razi border in West Azerbaijan Province has been increased by 20-fold compared to the same period in the last Iranian year (starting on March 21).

Iran PressIran News: Razi Border Customs Director Saifollah Rasi said, "In the first month of the Iranian calendar (starting from March 20, 2020), 18,000 tons of goods were exported using 813 train wagons worth $ 41 million from the Razi border in Khoy, West Azerbaijan Province of Iran."

"In addition to a 20-fold increase in the value of exported goods, in terms of weight, we have seen a 7-times increase in exports compared to the same period last year," he added.

Rasi said: "In Farvardin of last year (March/April 2019), about 2.5 tons of goods worth more than $ 2 million were exported from the Razi border."

He also said that "In order to comply with all health protocols, a disinfection station has been set up on this border so that the trade process between Iran and Turkey does not stop.

This border has played the most important role in trade between Iran and Turkey since the outbreak of Coronavirus by increasing its activity to 24 hours."

"Polyethylene, urea fertilizer, watermelon, and zinc ingot were the most important export items from this border during this period," Rasi said.

Razi border is one of the three active borders of West Azerbaijan and Turkey. After the outbreak of corona disease, the two borders of Bazargan and Sarv have stopped trade and now the trade is only possible from the Razi border.


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