Tehran (IP) - Spokesman of Iran’s government Ali Rabiei said that the Islamic Republic would seize the coronavirus crisis as a turning point to rebuild the country’s economy in the post-coronavirus export market.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in a press conference on Monday 27 April, Iran's Government Spokesperson Ali Rabiei congratulated all Muslims around the world on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, saying, “In this month we are making efforts to improve living conditions for the nation and to curb the coronavirus outbreak.”

Rabiei noted that the government made important decisions last week in the international, economic and social sectors, adding, “Maintaining the economic situation during the coronavirus era, the resilience of the economy, preservation of jobs and prevention of the dismissal of workers are among the government's greatest priorities.”

Iran’s government spokesman said that the government has scenarios for different situations when society could return to its normal condition.

“We must seize this opportunity as a turning point in history and rebuild the economy in the post-coronavirus export market,” he stressed.

Rabiei announced that the Management and Planning Organisation of Iran (MPO) has signed separate memorandums of understanding with each of the agencies that have a direct impact on the country's growth, both for the realization of the ‘Surge in Production’ and for the continuation of the ‘Resistance Economy’.

He said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered all ministries working in the manufacturing and production sector as well as banks to provide a specific program to increase employment as well as alternative programs to alleviate the damage that the coronavirus has done to the jobs market.


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