The head of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce said that Iran's exports to Afghanistan are expected to reach $ 3.1 billion this year.

Iran Press/Iran News: Head of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce Hossein Salimi said on Wednesday 29 April that transit of goods from the border between the two countries is possible despite the spread of coronavirus, noting that the process of Iran's exports to Afghanistan is slow, as goods and drivers at the border have to go through quarantine process and be hygienically inspected. 

Referring to the growth of Iran's exports to Afghanistan, Salimi highlighted, "With the outbreak of coronavirus, the export of many countries, including China, to Afghanistan has stopped."The head of the Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce predicted that Iran's 12-month exports to Afghanistan would reach $ 3.1 billion this year. 

“We estimate that exports to Afghanistan will be about $ 300 million more than last year,” he added.

Salimi described Iran's major exports to Afghanistan as food and said, "Previously, petrochemicals were at the top of exports to Afghanistan, but now food has replaced them due to currency issues."


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