Tehran (IP) - Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated that the potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran are endless.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of 56 rail fleets, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press regarding the importance of this project in the year named 'Production Leap' and especially during sanctions, Mohammad Eslami said that authorities and people must believe that the potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran are endless.

"Not only we can support the domestic market but also we can export to other countries," he added.

"In the past years, our railway industry was experiencing stagnation, but we all were united to activate our railway system and it happened. Last year, we registered a new record in production in the last 20 years, especially in the time that tough sanctions are imposed on our country," Eslami said.

"We can pass the barriers by looking at domestic capacities and improve life quality. The message of this achievement is that we could rely on knowledge based-companies, reduce our dependency, or even omit our dependency in many parts," added the Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

In the past, 50% of wagon making was based on imports, he highlighted.

By branding Iranian wagon and locomotive in domestic markets, a larger market can be created in other countries in the region, he concluded.


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