Tehran (IP)- The Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran have dismissed allegations that Iranian border guards detained illegal Afghan migrants on the Iranian-Afghan border.

Iran Press/Iran News: Islamic Republic of Iran Border Guard Command rejected the allegations made by anti-Iran media outlets that Afghan illegal migrants were detained and maltreated.

The case was immediately investigated and it became clear that such an accusation was not true.

Meanwhile, Afghan acting foreign minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said that speculations about the alleged detention and torture of illegal Afghan migrants at the Iranian-Afghan border by Iranian border guards should be avoided.

Mohammed Hanif Atmar has also assigned a delegation to look into the reports, the foreign ministry’s statement said.

Afghanistan shares more than 500 miles of border with Iran. About three million Afghans -a mix of refugees and illegal migrants- live in Iran, a large number of them having arrived after their country plunged into conflict in the 1980s.

Young Afghans constantly flow across the border to seek work, many of them smuggled through dangerous deserts, often traveling for a week at a time packed into the back of pick-up trucks.

In recent months, after the outbreak of coronavirus, the flow was reversed. Between January and April, about 240,000 Afghans had returned from Iran.


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