Indian troops have intensified their crackdown on Kashmiri Muslims in recent days shooting dead 18 Kashmiri Muslims in three different areas of Kashmir.

Iran PressAsia: According to Kashmiri sources, the Indian military has intensified its crackdown on Kashmiri Muslims in recent days, killing 18 Muslims in three different areas of Kashmir under the control of New Delhi.

According to the report, Indian troops also destroyed homes in the Kashmir region and beat women and children. Indian troops also detained a number of Kashmiri youths and sent them to prison.

India has been occupying parts of Kashmir for years, deploying thousands of troops, and killing tens of thousands over the past three decades.

The people of Kashmir are calling for the implementation of a long-approved UN Security Council resolution on holding a referendum to determine the status of the region, but the Indian government has always opposed the move.


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