South Korea's foreign ministry said Friday that an inter-organizational and communications team has been set up by the country to facilitate and promote trade with Iran.

Iran PressAsia: According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency, the liaison team which communicates between various institutions and organizations, is tasked with It is tasked with facilitating South Korea's trade relations with Iran, also linked to humanitarian affairs, and US sanctions which have imposed restrictions on it.

South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Lee Seung-ho met with members of the team on Friday, which includes officials from the Ministries of Finance, Industry, Maritime Affairs, Agriculture and the Agency for Trade and Investment Promotion.

The meeting came after South Korea announced it was sending $ 500,000 worth of pharmaceutical items to Iran, saying it is trying to establish broader trade relations with Iran by circumventing US sanctions and restrictions.

During the meeting, the South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister reiterated his country's friendly relations and cooperation with Iran, saying: "In the context of the outbreak of the coronavirus and when international trade is challenged, such cooperation is very important, including in humanitarian matters."

Lee Seung-ho stressed that South Korea has long had very friendly relations with Iran and that trade relations between the two countries should be expanded.


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