Tehran (IP)- Members of parliament issued a statement condemning the International Atomic Energy Agency's anti-Iranian resolution and called it another sign of structural discrimination in the IAEA.

Iran Press/Iran news: "As a country that has had the highest level of cooperation and transparency with the IAEA in the history of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT), the IAEA Board of Governors' resolution is avarice," it said.

The statement added that Iran has implemented the Additional Protocol voluntarily, not on the basis of its safeguard duties, adding that according to official statistics mentioned in the reports of the Director-General of the IAEA, only during the past 5 years the strictest inspections in the history of the IAEA, including more than 30 additional and intrusive accesses per year, have been carried out in accordance with the Additional Protocol in Iran.

Criticizing the positions of the three European countries, Germany, the UK, and France, the statement referred to contradicting behaviors and actions of these countries, which on the one hand are the initiators of the illegal resolution against Iran and on the other hand claim to adhere to the JCPOA and try to maintain it. It shows that they are once again trapped by the United States and the Zionist regime.

The parliament members expressed hope that the IAEA would correct the wrong and dangerous approach in dealing with Iran and implement the Agency's safeguard system professionally and independently, away from the political and hostile pressures of some members of the Board of governors.


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