The Saudi-led coalition has found out that Yemen can hit Saudi Arabia in-depth, a member of the Yemeni Ansarullah Movement Political Bureau said.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Al-Alam news channel, Mohammad al-Bakhiti said that some of the Yemeni Army's goals of the attack on the Saudi regime were fulfilled and the rest will be realized soon.

Al-Bakhiti pointed to the 'Fourth Deterrent Balance' operation in the depth of the Saudi regime's soil, noting that it was a Yemen's defense against Saudi aggression.

The Yemeni senior official said: "What distinguished the recent operation were the further number of the missiles incorporated, sensitive points hit, and that the operation was launched after the Saudis rejected Yemen's call for peace.

He said: "Contrary to the past that the Saudis boosted their fighters raids on Yemen, now they constantly lament the missiles hit Riyadh and other parts of the Saudi regime, fetching the remnants of the Yemeni missiles to expose. 221/207

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