Iran's embassy in Japan condemned the annexation plan of the west bank to occupied territories and called it a robbery and looting.

Iran PressAsia: On Sunday, Iran's embassy in Japan twitted that the Zionist regime has an "unquenchable thirst" for looting Palestinian territories and apparently violates international and human rights.

The Zionist regime, with the support of the US government, had officially planned to occupy 30 percent of the West Bank since July 1, but with the opposition of the international community, the United Nations and most European countries, it postponed the plan.

The plan to occupy 30 percent of the West Bank is part of the US anti-Palestinian plan called 'deal of the century' and in this regard, Palestinian officials and groups have cut ties with the United States and Israeli regime. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan has been supported by US President Donald Trump.

West bank annexation is one of the clauses of the racist so-called plan 'Deal of the Century', which was unveiled by US President Donald Trump on January 28, 2020. Many countries, personalities, political and religious authorities around the world, especially Muslims, have condemned the plan.

The United States is a staunch supporter of the Israeli occupation and crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine.

Jordan Valley and all the Zionist illegal settlements in the West Bank are the next targets of the Zionist regime annexation.

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