Hundreds of Danish citizens protested against the Zionist regime's attempt to occupy the West Bank.

Iran Press/Europe: Demonstrators in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, condemned the Zionist regime's decision to annex parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories and they called on their country's officials to stand up for Palestine and put pressure on the Zionist regime to comply with international law.

Demonstrators also raised the Palestinian flag and held placards in support of  Palestinians, calling for the recognition of the state of Palestine and the boycott of the Israeli regime by the Danish government.

From July 1, the Zionist regime, with the support of the US government, intended to officially occupy 30 percent of the West Bank, but with the opposition of the international community, the United Nations and most European countries, it postponed the plan.

The annexation of parts of the West Bank to the Israeli-occupied territories is one of the clauses of the anti-Palestinian so-called 'Deal of the Century', which US President Donald Trump unveiled on January 28, 2020.

Many international organizations, countries, and political and religious authorities around the world, especially Muslims, have condemned the plan. 


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