A member of the political bureau of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement said that the strategic operation of the Yemeni forces deep in the territory of Saudi Arabia continues.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Al-Ma'loumeh news website, Hezam al-Assad said that the missile and drone response of the army and the people's committees are the least that can be done in compensation of the Yemeni's martyr's blood.

Referring to the Saudi coalition's continued attacks on Yemeni civilians including women and children, he added that as long as the aggressor coalition insists on targeting innocent children, women, and civilians, strategic operations deep in Saudi Arabia will continue and will not stop.

Saudi coalition fighters killed or wounded 31 people, most of them women and children, in an airstrike on a wedding party in Yemen's Al-Masaifa Al-Maraziq district in Yemen's Al-Jawf province on Wednesday.

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights said in a statement yesterday that Saudi coalition attacks on Yemen have killed more than 32 children and 22 women since the United Nations removed Saudi Arabia from its blacklist of child rights violators.


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