Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Minister Communications and Information Technology Hamid Fattahi announced Tehran's interest in joint cooperation with Russia in the fields of artificial intelligence, e-government, smart city, and the development of new businesses.

Iran PressIran newsIn an online meeting with the Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development Maxim Parshin on Thursday, Fattahi stressed expanding cooperation between the two countries in telecommunications and post, communications services, and digital economy and welcomed cooperation in the fields of education and research.

Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, the Iranian official said that the pandemic has made the cooperation of countries in the field of communications and information technology a necessity more than before.

Pointing to Iran-Russia's growing relations, he said as a result of the previous meetings between the ministers of Iran and Russia, it was decided that the quadrilateral meeting among Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey will be held. 

He noted that two documents related to the field of communications and information and space technology were signed by the parties in the first meeting.

Referring to Russia's capacities and capabilities in the field of communications and information technology, Parshin said that Russia can share these experiences with Iran in the fields of electronic governance and smart cities.

The second meeting of the Iran-Russia Cooperation Group on Communications and Information Technology was held online on Thursday.


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